Samsung, Huawei in Legal Fight in China

Samsung has filed a lawsuit against Huawei over patent infringement.

Samsung, Huawei in Legal Fight in China

By: Faraz Haleem Published:

Samsung has filed a lawsuit against Huawei over patent infringement

Two of world’s biggest smartphone makers are yet again embroiled in a legal fight in China for patent infringements. China-based Huawei has been sued by Samsung through multiple courts for allegedly infringing on six patents, the Korean smartphone maker said Friday. The lawsuit has been filed in an intellectual property court in Beijing seeking damages worth $24.1 million (161 million yuan).

Samsung claims that Huawei’s Mate8 smartphone and its Honor-branded line of handsets have infringed on its mobile technology patents. Both companies were in talks previously to strike a licensing deal but failed to reach a consensus over the use of technology, leading to the legal conflict.

Samsung “faithfully” made efforts to negotiate on the fair licensing deal, the company said in an emailed statement to Bloomberg. Failure to reach an agreement forced the company to take legal action in order to protect its intellectual property, the statement said. Huawei said they haven’t yet received Samsung’s complaint and will review the lawsuit accordingly.

Many smartphone makers have fought in courts in China over allegations of patent infringement. Last month, Apple was sued by a small Chinese startup firm, Shenzhen Baili, regarding sales of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus in Beijing over patent covering smartphone design.

According to analysts, the legal fight is unlikely to result in a significant monetary loss but will help the winner with its reputation and work in the world’s biggest smartphone market. Going to courts may help them to create noise marketing, as it is anticipated the two will go for out-of-court settlement and eventually reach a cross-licensing agreement.

Earlier in May, Huawei sued Samsung in the US over infringement of 11 patents. The company filed the lawsuit in a San Francisco court, stating that Samsung had infringed patents related to the industry standard for fourth-generation smartphones.